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Was wir Machen

Wir Sind Sexy und Wholesome!

Unsere Obehn Ohne Kellner und Barkeeper verzichten auf den Stripteaseteil, sie präsentieren sich den Damen und Herren in heißen Boxershort. Dieser Anblick unserer ausgewählten, durchtrainierten Männerkörper ist bestimmt ein besonderes Highlight für Ihre Privatparty oder auch Firmenfeier.


Die Obehn Ohne Kellner und Barkeeper servieren Ihnen in ihrem heißen Outfit Ihre Lieblingsspeisen und Getränke. Außer einem ansprechenden Körper besitzen sie auch noch Charisma, Witz und Charm. Sie und Ihre Gäste werden bei diesem Anblick noch lange an diese Party bzw. Feier denken.occasions as well as specially themed parties.

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Sexy Can Be Wholesome Too!

The perfect way to celebrate your bachelorette party without the tackiness of a male stripper!

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What We’re About

We are a novelty event company providing you with Topless Waiters and Topless Bartenders for your next party and  event!

While serving you in boxer briefs, we are certain that it won’t be as tacky and tasteless as what others are doing. Our goal is for you to experience the NOVELTY, FUN and EXCITEMENT of having us serve you in your parties and events! Also, unlike our competitors where booking depends on whether the guys are available for an assignment, we have YOU as our priority and our guys have committed their availability to any future assignments ( on a first-come, first-served basis).

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[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-hourglass” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Punctuality is What Sets Us Apart” separator=”yes” text=”We guarantee that our guys will be at your door 15 minutes prior to your event.”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-black-tie” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Substance Matters!” separator=”yes” text=”Masculinity is not only defined by muscles. We provide guys with amazing personality on top of their great looks!”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-smile-o” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Have Fun With Us!” separator=”yes” text=”We are here primarily to provide an enjoyable experience on top of our exceptional service during your party!”]
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Unsere Diesntleistung

Find Out More About What We Offer

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[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-venus-double” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”A Great Bachelorette Party Idea” separator=”no” text=”Celebrate your Bachelorette / Hen Party with Waiters in Boxers Canada and we guarantee that you will have a lot of fun. We provide a better, wholesome, sexy and fun alternative for your bachelorette / hen parties! So why hire a tacky stripper when you can have us!” target=”_self”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-home” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Private Parties and Events” separator=”no” text=”Whether you’re celebrating an intimate dinner party with friends, birthdays and milestones, diva nights, girls night out, sorority balls, LGBT themed parties and events i.e. engagement parties, coming out parties, LGBT weddings or any other themed parties, we are always here to liven them up. With our professional TOPLESS BARTENDERS and TOPLESS WAITERS, we will help you achieve an enjoyable and successful party!” target=”_self”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-briefcase” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Corporate Events” separator=”no” text=”Who says our topless butlers and topless bartenders are solely for the hen party scene? We also cater to a wide range of corporate clienteles from various industries for cocktail serving and after parties during trade shows, conferences, seminars, team building and corporate dinners and gallery exhibits, to name a few.” target=”_self”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-camera-retro” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Fashion Events” separator=”no” text=”Our topless butlers and bartenders are ready to serve you on your next fashion show cocktails, season previews, fashion galas, store openings, fashion exhibits and VIP events.” target=”_self”]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-flag-checkered” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” title=”Brand and Product Promotions” separator=”no” text=”Our able bodied and great looking guys can also serve you as brand promoters and ambassadors for your next marketing campaign, product / brand launches, product / brand promotions and product giveaways.” target=”_self”]


Fragen zur Preise, Verfügbarkeit und Buchungsinformationen:


Party With Us!

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